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In our Marzipan School, closed groups (15-50 pers.) can even take the Marzipan graduation.

Under guidance, you will create your personalized work of art from delicious Lübeck marzipan in an approx. 45 minutes.

Our confectioners provide information on the most important facts about Lübeck's number 1 specialty and give assistance with modeling and decorating.

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The school is bookable all year round from Monday to Friday 15-50 people can participate in one lesson (individual booking is not available).

Each participant receives his modeling marzipan, a small piping bag, expert guidance from our confectioners. You may shape your own masterpiece with our modeling tools.

The price is € 11,95 per participant. At the end you will hold your exclusive marzipan graduation in your hands.

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The implementation of our marzipan school may be subject to certain conditions due to the Corona pandemic.

The booking of an individual marzipan training is generally possible for groups of 15 people or more.

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Acquire your Marzipan Certificate

Here you can design and shape your own Marzipan creations according to instructions.