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Cake, ice cream and coffee specialties

Cakes and tarts, ice cream and coffee

In addition to the delicious Lübeck Marzipan cake, a variety of tasty cakes and cake creations with and without Lübeck Marzipan await you in the Marzipan Speicher Café.


Historical premises

The interior with its 12th century beam construction with gallery will take you back
to the time of the Hanseatic merchants.

Cozy garden cafe

With enchanting charm

When the weather is nice, our terrace invites you to linger. Enjoy our home-roasted coffee specialties and a rich variety of cake creations.


Lübeck's Marzipan cake and Marzipan ice cream

If you are in Lübeck, you have to try it. The world-famous Lübeck specialty, marzipan. Treat yourself to a delicious break in our Speicher-Café to enjoy it in all its diversity.