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Management and marketing of the Marzipanland GmbH
 Tatiana-Victoria Schubert, Heidemarie Leu and Franziska Spletter (f. l.)


Opening of Marzipan-Speicher am Holstentor at Holstenstraße 40.


Opening of Lübecker Speicher-Roastery at Beckergrube 97.


Opening of Marzipan-Speicher-Café in the neighboring house – An der Untertrave 97.


The 3rd generation joins the company.
Burkhard’s son Marc-Christian and Norbert’s daughter Tatiana-Victoria.
Marc-Christian takes over the production, Tatiana-Victoria becomes part of the management.


v. l. Burkhard Leu mit Ehefrau Heidemarie.v.r.Norbert Leu mit Ehefrau Karin

Opening of Marzipan-Speichers An der Untertrave 98.

Burkhard Leu (left) with his wife Heidemarie, Norbert Leu (right) with his wife Karin.


The increasing demand for Lübeck and Königsberg Marzipan causes the brothers to completely abandon the bakery production. 

In the following years, several Marzipan Guinness records are made.


Produktionhalle im Gewerbegebiet Roggenhorst

Construction of a wholesale bakery in the industrial area Roggenhorst and start of the first Marzipan production besides the bakery.


Founder Günther Leu  unexpectedly dies at the age of 60.


The sons Burkhard and Norbert Leu take over the bakery. 

At the time of his examinations, Burkhard Leu was the youngest master baker and confectioner (23 years old) in the Federal Republic of Germany; he also completed his master craftsman’s diplomas at the same time. Norbert Leu is an industrial clerk and a baker.

Over the next few years, the brothers expand the formerly small bakery into a medium-sized company with 25 sales outlets and over 200 employees.


Die erste eigene Bäckerei in der Westhoffstr. 31

Acquisition of the first own bakery in the Lübecker Vorstadt at Westhoffstr. 31.


After many attempts, the first own bakery was leased. This was located at Langen Lohberg 49 in Lübeck’s city center. Here, Günther Leu was finally able to pursue his desire for home-made Lübeck and Königsberg Marzipan. At the time, marzipan production was only seen as a small addition to the product range.


Master craftsman’s examination in Lübeck and start of the first self-employment with a mobile bread trade, in addition to his employed bakery work.


The post-war turmoil displaces him to Lübeck. During this time, foods are in demand, so Günther Leu concentrates exclusively on production in various Lübeck and Holstein bakeries.


After the capitulation of the 3rd Reich, his sphere of activity is concentrated in Southern Europe. His main focus is on the almond processing industry located here.


As a young soldier, Günther Leu repeatedly had the opportunity to expand his experience in other confectioneries.


Birth of the company founder Günther Leu.